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Nifty50 is an innovative and pioneering marketing agency proudly based in Durban. We specialise in disrupting the boundaries of convention and helping our clients grow beyond their limits. On both a local and national level, we conceive, create, and produce unparalleled brand experiences that connect people to the heart of our client’s message and purpose. 
With over a decade of experience in transforming the concepts of some of the most distinguished brands into reality, our brand knowledge and technical expertise are exceeded only by our passion for perfection....

Our vision is nothing less than setting the standards of excellence and innovation, and then shattering those standards so that we can set new ones. 


What We Offer

Nifty50 is a pioneering agency that thrives off of the opportunity to inform, inspire and empower people to disrupt the status quo and live beyond their limits. We innovate and influence through our expertly crafted marketing channels and mediums – from advertising to PR, online to outdoor, and mobile to social media


Capture the essence of your brand or simply rejuvenate it with our professional onsite photography service


Revolutionize your image and style with our professional onsite videography service


Redefine the aesthetic of your web design to maximise the appeal and effectiveness of your brand

Graphic Design

Innovatively provide unparalleled creative graphic design to elevate the look and feel of your brand

Content Creation

Expertly craft and create content for you that will appeal and engage with your consumer base

Social Media Management

Provide you with professional social media management that will keep your brand fresh and give it ample exposure

Project Management

Expertly manage the needs and advance the vision of all your project requirements

Activations & Promotions

Skilfully facilitate the effective running of all activations and promotions relating to your brand.

Event Management & Production

Proficiently and effectively manage and administrate all your brand’s events and productions.



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